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Roni Nir, CEO Cold Point explains about heat pumps.

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How the “Mazcham” works?

Under Floor Heating

Welcome to the Cold Point Ltd. web site. We specialize in the production of custom made solutions and provide and install heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

- The perfect solution for the winter

- Uses either a heat pump or a “Mazcham”

- “Mazcham”, your existing air conditioner transforms, at the flick of switch, into a heat pump

An efficient, silent system that saves space and resources and provides ultimate heating solutions.

The under floor heating system distributes hot water through a system of pipes under the floor. The pipes can be installed under all almost all types of flooring including parquet, floor tiles (including marble, granite and ceramic) and more. All you see is a thermostat installed in the room’s wall to regulate the temperature. The system used for under floor heating allows for the uniform distribution of heat throughout the home. This is a significant advantage over other heating solutions, even air conditions where the most heat is concentrated around the heating unit itself and, further away from the unit, it can be considerably less warm. Because heat distribution is uniform, so the temperature remains the same throughout the house or apartment. The system has a number of other, prominent benefits. These include the fact that it uses very little energy than any other system you choose. Also, as it operates silently, you not only won’t see the under floor heating system, you also won’t hear it.

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Water Based Under Floor Heating System

Heating is controlled and uniform throughout the home with considerably lower running costs than any comparable heating systems.
Cold Point installs the system using a closely monitored and well planned procedure:

Stage One
Levelling the area with sand or a mixture of sand, cement and foaming agent.
Stage Two
Placing sheets of expanded polystyrene on the homes entire floor area in order to focus heating energy into the upper space.
Stage Three
Laying a 20 x 20 metal mesh over the expanded polystyrene to ensure that all pipes are level and at the same height. (The mesh is only used with plastic pipes).
Stage Four
Installation of a 16 mm. pipe used solely for under floor heating. The pipe must be continuous and uniform in order to prevent leakages.
Stage Five
Quality Control which includes placing the system under 10 atmospheres of pressure and a comprehensive examination of the entire system.
Stage Six
Connecting the system to the “Mazcham” including dry circulation pumps.

Under Floor Heating Installation Gallery

Pipe Line  before Corner flooring
Flat pipe before surface flooring
Pipe surface before flooring
Pipe surface beore flooring 2

Available Under Floor Heating Systems

There are two methods in use today for under floor heating systems. The first system uses a network of water pipes extending to all the rooms, connected to heating units (using diesel and solar collectors) which distributes heat throughout the home. The second system uses electricity and requires the laying of electrical heating units, covered by a layer of thermal insulation, under the floor.

Cost of an Under Floor Heating System

The cost of an under floor heating system can run into tens of thousands of NIS. Those who can afford the investment will save considerable sums over the long term. Needless to say, there are a number of payment options, including installments, available for the purchase and installation of an under floor heating system. The payments will be offset by the savings in your electricity bills which won’t be as high as with other heating systems. Every winter, you pay thousands of NIS to cover the cost of electrical heating. So, in a relatively short period, you’ll recoup your investment.

A significant seasonal saving

An under floor heating system lets you enjoy the best possible conditions for heating the home in terms of the cost of raw materials, the efficiency of heat distribution and the efficiency with which the heat is generated. For example, heating one square meter of a poorly insulated and badly sealed home located at a high elevation uses 144 Kw/Hours of electricity over the winter months. The cost for heating a three or four roomed apartment can reach thousands of NIS. In contrast, the use of natural gas combined with the efficiency of an under floor heating system can result in savings of thousands of NIS.

So, how much does it really cost? Read the article - The Price and Costs of an Under Floor Heating System

Frequently Asked Questions about Under Floor Heating

How does an under floor heating system work?

The system is installed beneath the house floor and operates silently whilst the maximum amount of energy. It provides uniform heat throughout the entire space. Heat rises from the floor and is evenly distributed through the room. Unlike other systems that distribute heat around the heating unit which results in temperature drops away from the unit, the under floor heating system maintains a uniform heat throughout the space.

Does the temperature have to be the same in all of the rooms?

Not at all. Each room has its own thermostat that allows you control the room’s temperature. This allows you to control the room’s temperature regardless of temperatures in other rooms.
Does the floor level change after installing the system? The under floor heating system is placed in the space beneath the floor so the floor level remains the same after installation.

Does the system have to be installed in the entire house?

Cold Point’s heating system is an under floor system but doesn’t necessarily have to be installed in all the rooms. Many families have chosen to install the system throughout the home. Others prefer to install it in specific area such as bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets. The bathroom is always one of the preferred locations for the system as, apart from the essential warmth provided by the system, it also helps to quickly dry out the area after use.

What is the system’s temperature range?

Heat rises from the floor. Naturally, the floor will be warmer that the areas above it. The system is very effective as the human body heats up from the feet upwards. So, if your feet are warm, so your entire body will be warm. The floor’s temperature ranges from 20 – 28 C. with the optimum temperature being in the region of 21 C. in the room itself.

Dies the system shut down in a power failure?

As with other heating systems, the under floor heating system works on electricity. However, unlike other systems that stop providing heat when the power goes out causing the room to cool down, an under floor system will continue to radiate the heat it has accumulated for a long time after the power cut. In fact, unless it is a very long power cut, the system will continue to heat the space.

Will the system heat rooms with high ceilings?

definitely! Since heat rises evenly from the floor, at a uniform and relatively slow pace, then the entire space quickly reaches the required temperature – even when the room has a higher ceiling. The system operates with a thermostat that prevents concentrations of heat in specific spots around the room or gusts of wind that are characteristic of other heating technologies. In the case of an under floor heating system, people in the home are free of all of these effects.

How long does it take the system to heat a space?

When used for the first time, the floor will begin to heat up after about 30 minutes and within two hours the entire space should reach the desired temperature. In order to maintain a warm and pleasant atmosphere throughout the winter and still save on power costs, set the thermostat to 16 C. This will ensure a shorter heating time if needed.

In the under floor heating system safe?

This is, in fact, the safest possible solution of all heating systems. When the system is operating, quietly and efficiently, it doesn’t dry out, doesn’t create dangerous conditions where electrocution, burns, fire or leakages of dangerous substances such as gas or fuel oil are possible, The entire system is beneath the floor and uses unique and specialized mechanisms that revolutionize and reduce danger.

Will the system fit in with the home’s design?

This is one of the prominent advantages of the system. As it is completely beneath the floor’s surface it is totally invisible and doesn’t effect the home’s design.

Did you know?

Underfloor heating systems exist in Muslim countries and built primarily by engineers from Syria who built sophisticated systems than those who are building the Roman method.

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